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Chronicles of a Newlywife – Choc-Quinoa Brownies

I made them. My first quinoa brownies. I follow a lot of healthy friends on Twitter and not only do I often see a bunch of their healthy posts, I also sometimes feel guilty for all the treats I make. Especially when it’s only Greg and I who eat ALL of it. I should really […]

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Chronicles of a Newly Wife – Nutterbut Squash Soup

Today was a bit miserable in Toronto. Okay, compared to Calgary where my family is, it was nothing. But for a commuting city where everyone walks around, having wet snow blowing in your face is never fun. Greg had a bit of a headache when he left for work this morning and I had a […]

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Chronicles of a Newlywife – Gre-Cobb Salad

I’ve always thought Cobb Salads should be my favourite salads. I mean, they’ve got tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, ham, eggs and creamy white dressing. Problem is, that creamy white dressing is usually Blue Cheese and not the delicious Ranch my brain decides it should be. Awhile back, Greg and I went to a restaurant called […]

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Chronicles of a Newlywife – Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was doing a little blog creeping the other day, and came was on a blog I’ve been to before called “Traveling Triplets” – which is an awesome blog run by three identical triplets about the joys of married life, baking, cooking, crafts and of course traveling. My dear friend Kandice showed me these three […]

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Chronicles of Newlywife: Just Call Me Ni-Quinoa….

I’ll admit, I tend to jump on the excitement of new trends, so it’s surprising that I haven’t become obsessed with this one yet. The Joy of Quinoa. I’ve always enjoyed it when my friends and family have served it to me, but I had yet to make it myself. I even bought a couple […]

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